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Their success and satisfaction state the benchmark of our work. Since more than 20 years we successfully counsel customers in economic questions and with regards to issues of information technology. We take it for granted to not leave you alone within the implementation of your projects.

Thus many well-known companies and organisations out of various economic industries and the public administration sector have confidence in us and our experts:

The Bankgesellschaft Berlin as holding company with a regional emphasis of its business activities in Berlin and Brandenburg was established in 1994 through a consortium out of the Berliner Bank AG, the Berlin-Hannoverschen Hypothekenbank AG and the Landesbank Berlin / Berliner Sparkasse.

The Federal Insurance Institution For Employees (BfA) with headquarters in Berlin was a German corporation under public law. As follower of the Reichs Insurance Institution it was the biggest responsible body for the statutory pension insurance in Germany. The BfA got merged into the German Pension on 2005, October 1st  by law as federal provider under the new name German Pension Fund.

The German Railways is the world´s second biggest transport company and operates as federally owned company the biggest railway infrastructure in Europe. It was generated in 1994 out of the fusion of the German Federal Railways and the German Reichsbahn.

The German Federal Bank as body corporate organised under public law is the Central Reserve Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany with its headquarters in Frankfurt on the Main and part of the European System of Central Banks.

The German Pension Fund (DRV Bund) with more than 25,000 employees is the biggest institution for the social pension programme in Germany with its headquarters in Berlin and locations in Brandenburg, Gera, Stralsund and Würzburg. The DRV Bund furthermore performs the common task of all pension insurance funds. It is an independent corporation under public law with self-administration.

The Fraunhofer Institute For Software And System Technology ISST supports customers and partners with regards to the configuration of complex IT systems as well as in terms of the realisation of appropriate solutions for a safe and tailored provision of information. The Fraunhofer ISST with its headquarters in Berlin was founded in 1992.

The press and information office of the German government with its headquarters in Berlin and Bonn is the general information office of the German Federal Government. It is an independent supreme federal authority and is under the control of the Federal Chancellor Merkel.

The "German Institute For International Politics and Security" based on the Foundation For Science and Politics (SWP) is an independent scientific institution that provides advice to the German Bundestag as well as to the Chancellor with regards to all foreign and security policy question.

T-Mobile Germany is the mobile phone segment of the Deutsche Telekom AG and one of the three according strategic business areas. Since 2010, April 1st T-Mobile Germany GmbH together with its conventional telephone network subsidiary T-Home trades under the name Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Viag Interkom with its headquarters in Munich is a telecommunications service provider and signs since 2006 as German subsidiary of the Spanish telecommunication concern Telefónica with the firm name O2.

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