Business consulting

Integrated advisory services for problem-specific solutions.

Strategy and Organisation

  • strategy development and consulting, strategic planning
  • development of business plans and strategic expansion and internationalisation strategies, support within the implementation process
  • organisation and re-organisation consulting: organizational modelling, restructuring, process modelling and optimisation
  • strategies for in- and outsourcing
  • location decisions, -planning and -realisation

Management Support

  • market and competitor analyses
  • identification and development of product ideas and innovations for small and medium-sized businesses, development of product portfolios and product descriptions, presentations and training materials
  • cost-benefit analyses, economic feasibility studies
  • development of marketing and sales concepts, support for implementation processes
  • development of financial programmes, financial planning and budgeting
  • attainment of financing, third-party funds and subsidies
  • HR development and management
  • skills and knowledge management
  • management coaching
  • project management and controlling
  • quality management and assurance (organisational and IT)
  • needs analysis, functional specifications and tendering (includes public sector tendering)

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